decadent chocolate custard with raspberries


The recipe I made was called “The Best Chocolate Ice Cream You’ll Ever Have,” but I would say it is definitely more of custard (close even to fudge!) than to ice cream. It’s incredibly, incredibly thick. We liked it better refrigerated than frozen. In fact, Reed, while eating it, said, “If this ice cream was a milkshake, your head would get sucked into the straw when you were trying to sip it.” So, definitely thick. But delicious! Very delicious.


I found the recipe here (which by the way, is a lovely, lovely food blog that has gorgeous images and uniquely exquisite recipes). I would recommend eating it as a custard rather than an ice cream though, and refrigerating rather than freezing.

total time: 4 hours (for refrigeration)

hands-on time: 20 minutes


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